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I am NOT Tino Seghal  - a group exhibition at Nahmad Projects, London, UK

I will never say - a 6 hour performance by Dan Allon / curator: Francesco Bonami 


Performance script, written by Dan Allon:

Gallery interior, throughout the day. 

A 34-year-old artist is sitting on a sofa in front on a laptop. He is a white male, a little chubby, 1.75 meters tall, looks a bit tired and concerned. He wears dirty studio clothes, a pair of glasses and old snickers. He moves his feet up and down, seems cranky, as if he was playing a rhythm on the floor.

The movie he is watching is paused. It looks like a BBC documentary about the financial value of painting. He is staring at the laptop most of the time, regardless of a presence of another person at the gallery, seems preoccupied in an effort to understand the hidden narratives in the movie. He then offers a spectator to sit next to him, turn and says:  

“I want to tell you about the night I bid 80,000 for this painting. I knew this painting would outshine its estimate. There was a lot of competition in the room. I knew it was a very important piece. Although there are so many of those paintings, I felt it was special. First, it is one of his LATE paintings. Out of those, only a few are signed! This is a complete <<later version>>, signed by the artist! I should make clear; I was not buying it for myself. I was buying it for somebody else. I will never say whom I bought it for”.

He then turns back and keeps staring at the paused movie.



Thanks to: Francesco Bonami, Joseph Nahmad, Tommaso Calabro, Charlotte Call, Julia Lucerno, Julia Strebelow

Photos: Dan Allon, I Will Never Say, 2016. Courtesy of Nahmad Projects and the artist. Photo: Benedict Johnson.

Photo of catalog: Adi Levy 

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