All Happens in Lichtenberg - a comics-journalismus graphic novel

story by: Nathalie Frank, drawings: Dan Allon


Written and drawn during the residency Alphabet des Ankommens, Hamburg, Germany, March 2017

Organizers: The German Comic Assosiation 

Curators: Lilian Pithan and Sascha Hommer

Web publication designer: Arne Bellsforf 

Special Thanks: Axel Halling, Jul Gordon 

Read the full story and the stories of other participants at the online publication - HERE

Read an article about the project (German) - HERE

Read an article about the project (Arabic) - HERE


Sabrina, Graphic Novel, 2010-2011

When two old pirates discover that a treasure that they thought was long lost is still out there, they escape from prison in order to retrieve it. The mission proves to be not so simple and full of obstacles.  An aging lover from the past and some old rivals are not willing to help them to get their way. 

Story and drawing: Dan Allon