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The lonelier you are the more collective you become | group exhibition at The Spaceship Gallery, 2013

The starting point of this work was an interpretation to a philosophical statement by Deleuze & Guattari : the lonelier you are, the more solicited you are from society, the more you hold back and sit at home, the more collective this act becomes on the political level. Allon presented a very simple installation of three stacks of Xerox copies of three drawings, showing homoerotic scenes that seem to be related to his father. The viewers were allowed to take the copies. By giving them away he tried to create a community of secrets, a pact between me and the visitors, which are let into the most private world. 

Curator: Assaf Gruber 
Thanks: Eran Inbar, Shimon Allon, Roee Rosen

This work was also exhibited at The Children Are OK (a group exhibition curated by Taly Cohen Garbuz)

An Interview about the works (Hebrew): HERE

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