Installation at Herzliya artist house, Herzliya, Israel, 2014 

Letter to his father | artist book & installation, spoken word performance, 2014

Curator Karni Barzilai:

Curator: Avi Lubin


"Inspired by Franz Kafka's book with the same title, Allon wrote a 24 page long secret letter to his father. The letter contains secrets, intimate details and is very direct. It is hard to know who is blaming whom, and who's responsible for which trouble in the other's lives. The text remains a secret until today.

The work has an installative outlet, and a performative outlet. The installation was commissioned for the 2014 
group exhibition Confessions. It was presented on a school table, which also resembles a catholic structure of chair and table . On top them, the holy book, the entrance to Allon's most intimate thoughts, secrets, and dark places. The spectator is invited to read the book at the gallery, one person at a time, and is exposed to harsh and disturbing information that leaves him startled. The performance was Allon's reading, for approximately 25 minutes, while he was wearing the uniform of the dictator."  

This work was also exhibited at The Children Are OK (a group exhibition curated by Taly Cohen Garbuz), Feel At Home But Don't Forget It's My Home (solo show curated by Sharon Toval) and Meet Your Critics (a group show curated by Lisa & Heiko at Kreuzberg Pavillion)

Photo: Yigal Pardo

An Interview about the works (Hebrew): HERE

Installation at Oranim Academic Gallery, Kiryan Tivon, Israel, 2017. photos by: Hadar Saifan