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Photos by Roy David 

Amateur documentation by different participants  

Redhead in the Radio, a three day live performative radio show, Kav 16 Gallery, June 4-6, 2019, Tel Aviv, Israel 

Curator Karni Barzilai: 

"In this project, Dan Allon wrote, performed, and conducted a live radio broadcast, spanning on three consecutive days. The overall theme was addressing the topic of community-based art, showcasing the art education departments in the neighborhood community center. During each show, lasting approximately 1:45 hours, Allon conducted interviews with leading artists, curators, musicians, as well as curating a socially diverse playlist of music, and giving voice to the local library, conservatory, high school volunteers, and school children, and teachers. The show highlighted immigrants, women, and locals, in a humorous, open, and performative way, was open for the public and was streamed live on Facebook, among other platforms."

Curator: Karni Barzilai 
Special thanks to Rabinovich fund for arts, Tel Aviv Municipality, Neve Eliezer community center, Michal Saban, Tomer Sade
The First Social Radio staff: Oz Mizrachi, Chen Afik, Ofer Buchnik 
Music on the show: Shoshana Damari, Sadyle, Lina Makhoul, Strong Black Coffee, Dudu Faruk, Dana International, Shani Broner, Ayelet Avni, Idan Reichel, Luna Abu Nasser 
Participants (partial list): Noa Sadka, Zoya Cherkassky, Karni Barzilai, Shay Tochner, Meir Tati, Talia Israeli, Daya Belser, Batia Kolton 
Opening theme music: Shani Broner, editing: AP Leinonen
Logo: Avisar Goldman 


This project preceded with a workshop, inspired by the Folia de Reis of Rio de Janeiro. While the Folias are religious parties, a celebration of the Favela residents of praising God,  Allon used the social potential in those parties and made a Samba workshop with the children of the Golumb elementary school at Hatikva Neighborhood in Tel Aviv. The workshop conducted at the end of 2018, was performed in the form of a small carnival march as a part of the 20th birthday of Kav 16 Gallery, during an event called Sweet 16. 

Curator: Karni Barzilai
Producer: Darya Aloufy
Additional performers: The lovely children of the 6th grade, Michael Abramovich
Thanks to: Limor and Gal from the school, Rabinovich Fund, Tel Aviv municipality, Mariana Zanetti
Photos: Yair Meyuchas 

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