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Artist Statement 

At the core of my artistic pursuit lays a strong desire for narrative. Methodologically, my working process is similar to an author. I use personal stories and mix them with ready-made objects, I re-live memories, invent alter egos, and create parallel worlds. By that, I hope to evoke discussions about topics hard to comprehend, such as health issues, human rights, gender, war, nationalism among others. My practice is diverse: live art, installation, by-hand/digital-printed drawing, sound/music, and graphic novels. I use a diversity of mediums to surprise the spectators, establish intimacy, yet make them feel uncomfortable. Although there are connective and repetitive themes in my portfolio, it might seem like a group exhibition, rather than “branded” and unified in style.

In recent years, I investigate the concept of biography and the tie between art and life, through using my own as a case study. My main strategy is "putting myself on stage." I use humor (including self-humor), irony, and embarrassment, to challenge the spectator's most fundamental perceptions about where life and art meet. For example, I use my family, my army service, my medical files, and make them the base of my practice, adding invented details and create a mockumentary work of art.  I try to blur hierarchies between truth and fiction, hence, often the spectator does not know if the story is honest or decisive. 



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