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The Music of the Structure   | Group exhibition, Netanya stadium | Curator: Maya Kashevitz 

The Music of the Structure II  | Group exhibition, 09 Gallery | Curator: Maya Kashevitz 


Cuticula is a term used for any of a variety of tough but flexible, non-mineral outer coverings of an organism, or parts of an organism, that provide protection. 

This installation portrays a ficitionary rehearsal room, inside the stadium's shelter. The aesthetics of the space is shaped by a mixture of memorabilia from the time of Allon's garage band days, and homoerotic symbols. The room is filled with small objects and images, that create an intertextual experience. The installation can only be viewed from the outside, and the combination of the room's appearance with the sound of a conversation between Allon and the band's leader, Nimrod, create a sence of an unapproachable mystery.  In the second version of the work Allon played a drum practicing track in a volume that simulates a rehearsal room. The sound allures the spectator only to discover the room is empty.  


Photos: Omer Faragi & Youval Hai
Sound recording: Shimi Haviv 
Special thanks: Shimon Allon & Eran Inbar 
Thanks: Itay Leb, Orr Froilich, Shimi Haviv, Nimrod Rapoport 


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