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was kann ich für sie tun - Two-Person Exhibition, Franziska Harnisch and Dan Allon, Circle 1 Gallery, Berlin, 2020 

The exhibition was held online, for 6 weeks. The content was uploaded entirely during the week to the event page, following (when possible) the program, which was initially planned for Circle 1 Gallery in 

Initially planned as a physical two-person exhibition at Circle 1 gallery in Berlin, the exhibition was kann ich für sie tun shifted quickly online, modifying itself due to Coronavirus. The exhibition deals with bureaucracy, especially German but not only, in many ways. Allon brought his immigrant life, and Harnisch her German/local life, both fighting against the mountains of paperwork and frustration. The exhibition was also based on several open calls, and the two artists acted as the curators and producers of the exhibition as well. was kann ich für sie tun means what can I do for you, in German, a very known passive-aggressive way to give service politely.

The exhibition had three levels:


  • performances streamed live on Facebook and/or linked from Youtube

  • a personal take on the subject, each one of the artists produced relevant content, and also communicated through the fake identity of #WKIFST

  • talks/lectures/consultation of experts, broadening the term of democracy, connecting it to finance, art, creativity, wellness, and more.

Participants: Dan Allon, Franziska Harnisch, Daniela Labra, Tamanduá, Daniel Augenstein, Alex Geisler, Annelien Van Heymbeeck, Fabian Lemmes, Dorit Rubin Elkanati, Mariana Zanetti, Paul Wudel, AP Leinonen, Philipp Valenta, Anette Leyendecker, Alona Harpaz, Fierbinteanu, Timo May, Ralf-Reiner Genz, Henrik Solf, Netta Shahar, Bert Jacobs, Brian Mummert, Eva Claustask, Katy Harmer, Madlen Stange, Marie-Claire Saindon, Mona Holton, Netta Spiegel, Nitsan Bernstein, Rotem Bach, Ruth Alon,Yaara Kass

Special thanks: Alona Harpaz, Bayan Hilles for the curatorial and production help. Avisar Goldman for the graphic design

Special thanks: Timo May, Ralf-Reiner Genz, Henrik Solf


Opening Evening: Live performance by Franziska Harnisch, live performance by Tamanduá, recorded music by Drawings by Dan Allon, and letter correspondence between #wkifst and Franziska Harnisch. 


Performance by Franziska Harnisch - Shredding 


Podcast show:

Performance by Franziska Harnisch - Shredding 


Open call for protocol making, a cooperation with Kunsthalle Blow. At the end, this project was not realized, due to COVID-19. 

Performance by Franziska Harnisch - Filling and sewing cushions with shredded letters 


Podcast show:

Drawings by Dan Allon, done during his Intergrationskurs, 2019-2020, 21x29 cm, markers and pencils on paper 

Podcast show:

Links provided by Paul Wudel: 

Mit Indexfonds Geld anlegen


Podcast show:


Podcast show:


Complaining OPEN MIC

Performance by Franziska Harnisch - Reading Letters of Refusal 


Letters sent by #WKIFST to Franziska Harnisch 

Orientirungskurs - drawings done by Dan Allon during his course, addressing German history, culture, and politics. All drawings are pencil on paper, 21x15 cm, 2020

AD WEEKLY beratung.jpg

Free consultation - Part 2: Law 


Closing evening; Complaints Choir by Netta Shahar 

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