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Transient Memory, performance by Felix Meyer-Christian, enCOUNTERs, 2015 | Group exhibition | CCA, Tel Aviv & Künstlerhaus Mousonturm Frankfurt a.M.


About the performance: The show gathers the audience in order to engage a system of fluctuating voices, languages, and locations. Drawn from collaborative tasks and interviews within the Israeli-German group, as well as the Meyer-Christian's abservations through Germany, Israel and it's neighboring countries, the focus shifts from the experiences of young soldiers from different countries to aspects of botany, right up to questions of observing, sharing and remembering. set i an intimate situation with the audience, the political and personal scopes of the performance increase and dwindle over the course of the show, posting questions about submissiveness and subectivity, territory and mythology, body and attention. Can we preceive what we see? can we speak about, what we encounter and what we remember? 

About the project: In-between the established formulas of mutual considerations and stereotypes of the official German-Israeli relations, the artistic project enCOUNTERs is looking for moments of blueness, roughness and provocation with the aim to create an open artistic dialogue beyond the diplomatic "Comfort Zone". After common residences in Tel Aviv, Frankfurt and Berlin - the project will present seven interdisciplinary projects by ten artists from the fields of sound art, performance, new-media and drawing. WEBSITE:



Monumentalise | Tal Alperstein & Julia Turbahn, with assistance of Dan Allon (please see below). Homepage: PRESS HERE

Next Stop: Bat-Yam Alexanderplatz | Guy Königstein

Imbroglio | Dan Allon


In the Vicinity | Katharina Kellermann 

Schwestern | Veronika Bökelmann & Moran Sanderovich 

Transient Memory with participance of Dan Allon, Tal Alperstein & Julia Turbahn | Felix Meyer-Christian

Nayaltland | Arne Vogelgesang & Nir Shauloff

Curatorial Team: 

Concept: Juliane Kremberg, Matthias Naumann, Noa Elran, Amir Farjoun

Realization & Dramaturgy: Noa Elran, Matthias Naumann

Production: Jörg Thums (DE) / Maayan Fuss (IL)


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