HANDFUL OF MEMORIES | graphic novel, ink on paper, 104 pages | Hebrew 


In 2002, shortly after a ruthless terror attack in town, Shlomi, the youngest son of the family, mourns the passing of his beloved mother in a unique way: He decides to prove his father, a cook with very little business sense, that he could save the family restaurant by winning a reality show, with the aid of his stubborn grandmother’s recipe. On his way to fulfilling his dream, he starts working in a local brothel and falls in love with a young working girl.  


Writing and drawing: Dan Allon 
Editing: Nechama Baruch & Uri Mor
Graphic design: Avisar Goldman 
Photos: Omer Faragi 
Thanks: Shimon & Miryam Allon, Amiram Avrutzky, Sami Berdugo, Nimrod Rappoport, Giora Sadeh, Chef Rafi Cohen, Hilla Alpert, Nissim Krispel, Michal Korman, Avital Globerman 
The printing of this book was made possible by the Israeli Lottory Fund 



CECIL'S LAST CHANCE | 36 page graphic novel | Acrylic on paper | 2009


Synopsis: Cecil, a young lab technician working for a local hospital, suffers from a chronic skin disease which he was infected in as a child.  He is lonely, a true outcast. When he discovers by accident that his illness can be cured by the urine of a specific old patient, he faces a moral dilemma: Is it acceptable to be cured by a daily replacement of her urine? Is it OK to have normal life again, on the expand of the old woman?  




Photos: Avraham Cornfeld



Plumbing issues, graphic novel, 2013

The story is presented as an autobiography in which truth and false are mixed. The main character is a failing artist, looking for a new medium to draw with. Inspired by his young cousin Lili – he gets new paint from a gay couple who are sure that he's trying to hit on them. As a revenge one of them tries to give the artist STD, and while that the artists is being accused by his uncle of ruining Lili's moral standards, creating an even bigger mess.


Story and Drawing: Dan Allon

Interview for YNET: PRESS HERE (Hebrew)




Hysteric Behavior, graphic novels and short stories, 2010

Inspired by Roy Porter's book "Madmen: A Social History of Madhouses, Mad-Doctors and Lunatics", Allon took six different stories and turned them a self drawn anthology of "medical cases" of madness. The graphic novels are based on stories by Israeli authors Etgar Keret and Shoham Smith. The short stories are based on stories Allon heard at the waiting room of his doctor's clinic.

Stories: Etgar Keret, Shoham Smith & Dan Allon
Drawings: Dan Allon

To read Haaretz newspaper interview: PRESS HERE (Hebrew)