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Letter to his father | artist book & installation, spoken word performance, 2014

Inspired by Franz Kafka's book with the same title, Allon wrote a 24 page long secret letter to his father. The letter contains secrets, intimate details and is very direct. It is hard to know who is blaming whom, and who's responsible for which trouble in the other's lives. The text remains a secret until today.

The book: presented in 2014 group exhibition Confessions,  Letter to his father  was presented on a school table, which also resembles a catholic structure of chair and table . On top them, the "holy book", the enterance to Allon's most intimate thoughts. The visitor of the exhibition is invited to read the book at the gallery, one person at a time, and is exposed to annoying information that leaves him wondering if they are true or false. 
Curator: Karni Barzilai     
Photo: Yigal Pardo

The performance: In the text, the relationship between the father and son is sometimes portrayed as the relationship between a warden and a prisoner. In Allon's later work The shawish  of section four, which deals with the same topic, Allon did a 20 minutes long performance of reading the whole letter to the audience as his alter ego – The Dictator. 
Curator: Avi Lubin


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